Is Now The Best Time To Buy A Caravan For Post COVID Escape?

As we approach vaccination targets and borders begin to reopen domestic travel is not far around the corner. Australians seeking safe and accessible holiday alternatives to overseas travel are increasingly turning to caravans. Camping and touring over the spring-summer holidays could be a realistic option for some much-needed outdoor freedom after so many months stuck indoors. 

To ensure you can begin adventuring as soon as restrictions lift and borders open, we look at how COVID-19 might impact your caravan buying decisions. 

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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Used Caravan?

According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, states and territories have experienced up to a 30% jump in caravan sales and enquiries.

Up to a third of this spike are newcomers, many are young couples and families turning to the great Aussie road trip now that international travel and cruises are off the cards.

This increase in demand for used caravans and campers to service this growing first-time buyer market has limited supply and driven up the pre-owned resale price.

Bear this in mind, especially if you had been planning to buy a used caravan within the next year or two, as this may mean that your options are fewer, wait times longer, and buyer competition is greater.

Therefore you may find yourself having to settle for something less than ideal or paying more than you would have pre-COVID.


Now may not exactly be the ideal time to buy a used caravan, however Australian Caravan Centre endeavours to maintain a range of quality pre-loved used caravans and campers at our Victorian, Queensland and Newcastle Dealerships, view our current used stock here

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A New Caravan?

With COVID affecting supply and demand and pushing up used caravan prices, and interest rates at an all-time low, trading in or first-time purchase of a new caravan has never been more competitive.

As manufacturing begins to ramp up new caravans and campers ordered now means those caravans will be in production sooner and customised to meet your specific needs.

Buying new also ensures you are taking advantage of the latest technology, luxury and sustainability advancements, and that your brand new caravan or camper will have the highest safety, economy and space-saving features.

Buying new from Australian Caravan Centre also supports an Aussie family-owned locally made manufacturing business.


If looking to buy a new caravan, camper or camper trailer or upgrade your existing van, now is an excellent time.

To view Australian Caravan Centre’s range of new caravans and campers available at our Victorian, Queensland and Newcastle Dealerships, visit

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Shopping For A Caravan

In response to COVID-19, the different states have instituted various restrictions around travel and the purposes and activities for which you can leave home. For Australia-wide travel news and advice visit

You should also check your local government advisory to see whether you can shop for a caravan in person.

Although nothing beats coming to one of our three East Coast locations and having one of our friendly team give you a personalised tour of our range, we understand this may not be possible in your area at this time.

Therefore we encourage you to take a virtual 3D tour of the detailed fixtures, fittings and interiors of our premium models here:


Final Considerations

It's never too soon to plan your post-COVID escape. While we are possibly a bit biased, we think there is simply no better holiday under the sun than touring Australia from the comfort and convenience of your very own luxury caravan.

You'll be boosting local tourism and helping Australia's post-pandemic recovery; we also encourage you to consider adding bushfire and drought-affected regions to your touring itinerary to see how they are recovering and show your support.


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