The ultimate must-haves when choosing a caravan

Are you about to buy your first caravan? Perhaps you’re an experienced traveller looking for an upgrade. Whatever the case, making the right choice can have a huge impact on your future holidays. With endless choices, we’ve simplified the list to the things you absolutely can’t go without…

buy your first caravan
  • Safety
    The most important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable on holidays in your caravan. If you’ve never towed a van before, be aware that it takes some getting used to. Those with single axles tend to be easier to maneouvre than those with double axles, though the size of the van (and how many people you’re traveling with) will play a large role here.

  • Towing
    The towing capacity of your vehicle is an important consideration. Check the maximum towing weight and see if the caravan you’re keen on is suitable. Keep in mind that once you fill in all your travelling goodies it will add to the overall weight.

  • Fuel Consumption
    Depending on how far and how fast you plan to travel, plus the current fuel prices (which aren’t likely to come down any time soon), filling up your tow vehicle can become a costly task. This should be considered when choosing your caravan. A heavier van, though more spacious, will eat up more holiday funds than a smaller, lighter model.

  • Space & Comfort
    Bigger caravans have the advantage of providing you with more space and comfort. If you’re travelling as a family, we always recommend a bunk-layout model, as this means the kids won’t have to pitch a tent outside! We’ve got vans for every type of lifestyle. You can even bring along your bikes in the rear garage of our Supreme Base Camp model!

  • Off-Road Capability
    Some people want to explore those out-of-the-way bush camps or national parks, whereas others prefer the comfort and amenities of a caravan park. If you’re in the former category, choose a van that can reach these remote locations and is equipped with everything you need. This includes:

    • Specialised off-road chassis
    • 4WD tyres
    • Fresh water storage
    • Grey and black water storage
    • Solar power capabilities; and
    • Diesel generator

    If you are planning on taking your new caravan off-road, it is very important that you speak with the team at one of our dealerships before making your final decision.

  • Setup & Pack Up
    Different models offer different levels of mobility. The great thing about a caravan is that, once you’ve arrived and unhitched it, you’re free to drive around in your unburdened tow vehicle.

    Let’s face it – no one wants to spend hours trying to unhitch their caravan and get the campsite set up. Fortunately, more modern vans aren’t overly difficult to unhitch and stabilise. If you’re not sure whether you can handle this, get down to one of our showrooms and give it a try.

  • Budget
    Before heading to our showroom, crunch the numbers and work out a feasible budget. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury, take a look at our Supreme and Leader caravans. Or, if you’re in search of something more affordable, we have great range of pre-loved caravans that will definitely tick the budget box.

looking for a new caravan in Melbourne

It isn’t unusual to feel overwhelmed when looking for a new caravan, especially when starting the search online. Nothing beats heading one of our Australian Caravan Centre dealerships, talking with our experienced team and taking a walk through each caravan of interest.

With three locations across the east coast of Australia, it’s easier than ever to find your dream van. Find out which Dealership is closest to you.