Looking for a used caravan? Here’s our Top 5 Tips

Want to hit the open road but don’t have the budget to afford a brand-new van? We’ve got the solution: choose a used caravan instead!

With more and more people deciding to journey through Australia for long periods at a time, from young couples to experienced travellers, it should come as no surprise that caravanning and camping is a popular pastime. However, caravans can prove to be an expensive investment, which is why so many people are instead opting for used caravans.

Looking for a used caravan in Melbourne

But how do you know a good deal when you see one?

  • 1

    Storage: Looking for second-hand vans that offer plenty of storage is an absolute must. You never know when you will want to take along additional food or clothing, sport equipment or even your bike. Ideally, this storage should be easily accessible, either from inside or outside of the vehicle.

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    Functionality: Comparing the interior of the used caravan with the rooms in your home is a great way to determine what exactly you need from your van. Is the kitchen easy to use and clean? Does it contain all of the appliances that you use to cook, such as a microwave? If there is a bathroom, is there enough room to shower comfortably?

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    Quality: Make sure that you thoroughly scrutinize the condition of the van. Does there appear to be any damage that has been patched? Are there signs of dampness, such as mold growth or a musty smell? Can you see any rust around the tow hitch or wheels? At the Australian Caravan Centre, our second-hand vans have been hand selected to ensure they meet our high standards.

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    Off-the-grid capabilities: If you’re planning to leave the beaten track, whether that means going off-roading or simply going to a site with no power or water, it’s important that you consider how your van can serve you when you don’t have life’s little luxuries to fall back on. Run through this checklist as a starting point:

    • Can you store plenty of fresh water onboard?
    • Is there adequate grey water storage?
    • Does the caravan come pre-fitted with solar panels (or is there potential for them to be added)?
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    Future modifications: Remember that you are purchasing a used caravan that has been fitted out to meet someone else’s dream, so it may not be perfect for you, just yet (but it shouldn’t be too far off the mark). Think about how you can improve the van to suit your own needs, and how much these modifications will cost. If they are too expensive, keep searching or consider buying new vans instead!

At Australian Caravan Centre, we have a huge range of used caravans for sale – all with heaps of love left to give! With plenty of big-name brands, including Supreme, Leader and Jayco, you can say hello to your home-away-from-home at a great price!